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Bank nifty Live Trading | Share Market Se Paisa Kaise Kamaye

 How Trade In Bank Nifty Today Live Update 

Hello friends, in today's video, I am going to tell you what is today's update about the trade I have done in Live Bank Nifty, the market is sending it completely sideways today and even after being sideways, how have I made the profit, I am here. I uploaded a video on Friends, watch the full video, I have shown it live.

Friends, in today's live trade, by investing only and only Rs 1400 in Bank Nifty, I made what I have done: 630 Rupees  Friends, and how I made it, watch the full video, after watching the video, friends, you will understand in what way. i made profit

   Live Trade In Bank Nifty Option Trading

Friends, after watching this video, what was the reason for me to take the trade, I have described all those things, so watch the video completely, friends, do comment once and subscribe the channel, okay and in the description you will see an account opening. If you open a Demate and Trading  account in Angel One Account Opening Link you will be made to join a private Telegram group where you will get education related to how to trade in options and how to trade in stock market. All this information will be given to you in private group.

In today's trade, you will see friends, how I take scalping trades in the morning, i.e., how I executed my trade on 1 minute time frame and also friends, the trades I executed on 10 minute time frame. After taking the trade, I have made profit in three trades and loss in one trade. After watching this video, friends, you will learn a lot of things. This video is made only for educational purpose. Used to be

 Friends, after watching the video, please do give your comments. How do you like the video and what I have written in the block? If you want more tips related to share market and related to education, if you want video and block then you can definitely do so. Comment, I will definitely make it for you, okay?

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